Wood Carving

Combining traditional wood carving techniques with modern innovations and design concepts, Woodenyou can produce anything desired, from Tudor carved bench ends and door panels to modern sculptural nudes.
In many production workshops these traditional techniques have been all but forgotten. Woodenyou, however, keep the traditional craft going, using only hand tools to embellish the wood and bring out the soul residing in each individual piece of timber, be it oak, mahoghany, chestnut, lime or fruitwood, each has its own character and properties.
As you glance through the portfolio you will find many styles of work, from carved door panels to surreal figure carving, portraiture, carved frames, ecclesiastical work, restoration projects, heritage work, fireplaces and relief work; we are even happy to make individual objects as heirloom gifts including model homes.

Feel free to discuss your project with Mark and he will produce a work of art for you finished to the highest standard.

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